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Zapatista UK Learning and Teaching Collective


Zapatista UK Learning and Teaching Collective: Workshops 


“What we want in the world is to tell all of those who are resisting and fighting in their own ways and in their own countries that you are not alone, that we, the Zapatistas, even though we are very small, are supporting you, and we are going to look at how to help you in your struggles and to speak to you in order to learn, because what we have in fact learned, is to learn.”

(Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, 2006)

 What and how do we need to learn to build a non–capitalist, autonomous alternative to the status quo, here and now, in our calendars and geographies? Our workshops draw on knowledge and experiences from the Chiapas Zapatistas and from those collectives who, in solidarity with them, want to build a world organised around the principles of democracy, freedom, justice, ‘rule by obeying’ and solidarity: ‘everything for everyone, nothing for us’.

We organise workshops at activist camps, anarchist book fairs, and for other groups with whom we share affinities and principles. Our workshops are on different topics related to and inspired by Zapatismo.


‘Calendars and Geographies: Histories of Resistance for the World in which many Worlds fit’

The Daily Practice of Building Autonomy 

‘Freedom According to the Zapatistas: Learning from the Zapatista little school’

‘The Seed of Dignity’: ‘One cannot study dignity, one lives it or it dies.’

‘The True Word and The Gaze from Below: Art, Culture, Solidarity’

‘The Four Wheels of Capitalism: Dispossession, Exploitation, Disdain, Repression


For more detailed information on workshops available:



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