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– Edinburgh

About the Group

Group logoThe Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group is one of many groups across the world which support the Zapatistas in their struggle. Their main purpose is to raise awareness of the Zapatista struggle and to give practical help wherever possible.

They aim to do this by organising talks, film showings, benefit gigs, street stalls and direct actions as well as publishing articles. They import Zapatista produce such as coffee, clothing and jewellery for sale with the money going directly back to the communities.

In Spring 2004 the Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group and the Glasgow Zapatista Solidarity Group twinned with the ’16 de Febrero’ Zapatista autonomous municipality. The municipality is in a poor, rural community and has asked us to raise funds to help build a health clinic in their area.


The group meets regularly and everyone is welcome to come and help plan upcoming activities. The meetings are held at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (A.C.E.). Meeting/event dates and other information about Chiapas and the group’s activities are contained in regular email bulletins – please email the group if you would like to be added to the mailing list for this bulletin.




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